Adding Makeup

I’ve done a post on removing makeup, now let’s add some! I find that the techniques in applying makeup in a photo editor are similar to that in reality.

Here’s my starting image:


Let’s start with the eyeshadow.

Create a new layer with the blend mode to “Soft Light”. Now select your color, and use the paint brush tool and paint wherever you want eyeshadow. I used multiple layers with different colors to add depth, and changed the opacity to calm down any colors that were too much. Putting them in a group (Cmd G) helps to keep the layers organized.


Next up: lips!

I first duplicated the background layer (Cmd J) so I don’t damage the original picture. I then used the “liquify” tool to make her lips a little bigger.


Now, there are two methods that you can use for lipstick

One is to use the paintbrush and “soft light” blending mode the same way you did her eyeshadow.


The other is to select the lips, then smooth and feather it with “refine selection”.


Then, add a Hue/Saturation/Luminosity adjustment layer and play around with the sliders.


I added a second HSL layer to add more color.


That’s all for the lips, onto mascara!

I made paintbrushes shaped like eyelashes. It makes things quick and easy. You can download packs with lots of “falsies” online.


Paint the lashes on a new layer, and move and transform them to fit the eye shape.

I also reduced the opacity so that they look more natural.


I copied the layer, moved, transformed, and reduced the opacity even more for the bottom eyelashes.


Repeat for the other eye, and you’re golden!

Blush is simple enough. Just use the eyeshadow method with a big brush, and erase the blush color for “when you paint outside the lines” 😉 ( I got color on her hands, since I was using such a big brush. So, I had stuff to erase).


I dodged and burned (non destructive dodging and burning) as if I were contouring and highlighting (also darkened her lash line and brows).


After that, I decided her eyeshadow was too pink, so I lowered the pink layers’ opacities and brought up the brown’s.

Here’s the before and after!



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